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What is the condition of social protection in Europe today? And what is its future at a time when every country is confronted with the challenge of budgetary austerity? Social services, whether public or private, make up social protection - they pertain to aid for small children, aid for housing, pensions... and as they are integrated into society, they belong to our European heritage. But are they protected by national and European policies, particularly in times of crisis? Should European citizens be asking themselves these questions?

If social protection were a jacket, what would it look like today?

Full Social Jacket is a webdocumentary intended for all: European citizens, associations in the social protection sector, political decision takers in the broadest sense of the word. The documentary consists of 10 short films telling personal stories and, to put the themes in their context, they are accompanied by interviews of experts, statistics and links to additional information. Full Social Jacket considers the future of social Europe by giving viewers an opportunity to intervene via social media and to take part in the creation of a "common social jacket"
For the first time, a public administration is using a gaming tool game to attempt to answer these questions, questioning the reality through the screen. And to identify various points of view on maintaining public intervention in the social protection field, recalling what social protection means -- and disclosing trends for the future at European level. This is a social debate that should be made very concrete. Nowadays, we need to recall what social protection represents, and to visualize the trends for the future at European level.

Why Full Social Jacket?

We needed a clear, catchy concept to give the discussion its full scope, while emphasizing that every European citizen is concerned. A metaphor quickly stood out: that of a social jacket that every one of us can put on when life gets cold. A social jacket to get us through rough spots: illness, old age, unemployment, accident, job loss, loss of housing and all the other risks... a jacket that fulfils its protective role. A warm, well-padded Full Social Jacket, woven from all the threads of solidarity. A jacket that should not unravel in times of crisis, leaving us with social uncertainty … FULL SOCIAL JACKET was born.
This concept includes all the important themes and, with just a hint of a dream, it could become a concrete project for social Europe closer to its citizens: that gives them full social cover.

Why talk about social protection?

Europe is going through tough times, not just economically and financially, but morally as well. Rising unemployment, increasing poverty, a worried population, reduced consumption: European citizens feel vulnerable and concerned. In this context, expenditures related to social action have been paradoxically reduced all over Europe.
An image is worth 1000 words, they say. Particularly in times of overflowing information circulating faster and faster. A public administration, a workshop for production and Belgian web developers have decided to use Internet to put these questions to European citizens directly. They are asking about a project for our common future.


The Federal Public Service for Social Security - Belgium

FULL SOCIAL JACKET began with an initiative of the Belgian Federal Public Service for Social Security decided by Manuel Paolillo seconded by Julien Schreiber, civil servants responsible for social issues particularly during the Belgian Presidency of the Council of the European Union (2010). Special thanks go to several persons for their involvement and encouragement: Benjamin DESSY, Mathilde Henkinbrant, Maruja Van Baelen, Bérengère Steppé, Rudi De Bleser, Nele Heerwegh, Gauthier Cocle, and the translation team led by Mr. Christian Huts, Sébastien Kondov et Julien Buelinckx. Without the willingness of Muriel Rabau, responsible for the multilateral relations cell, of Tom Auwers, Director General for Strategic Support, and of Frank Van Massenhove, President of the Direction Board for the FPS for Social Security, this project could never have seen the light.

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Les agences Phenyx43 et Katch'a !

Phenyx43 and Katch'a ! are the two communication agencies that have designed and produced the web section of the documentary FULL SOCIAL JACKET.

These communication agencies are specialised in new media and are very "content-oriented". They have been working together since many years, especially on communication and publishing projects regarding social, environmental and technologic innovations.

Moreover, Phenyx43 and Katch'a! have been at the basis of the consortium Freeman & Greenwood that aims to join communication agencies with a heart for sustainable development.


Le Centre Vidéo de Bruxelles

The CVB was born in the era after sparks flew in 1968. The plan was clear: to take a new technology – the "light" video – and place it directly and without intermediary at the service of all those who did not have the right to speak out in the then emerging world of communication. The "Mobile Video Unit" was invented. Creating a free and inspiring space to express oneself in a world known as the world village and very cynically reduced to its consumer dimension is still an ongoing task today.

It is the CVB’s wish to work with people and not on people, to help liberate buried self-expression that is too often misrepresented, to invoke the desire in artists, directors and young screenwriters to share this vision, and this word "with", which lets us see and hear in a different way, retains all its relevance. From video workshop through training tool to creative documentary, from film production through direction to circulation, the Centre Vidéo de Bruxelles has built a strong plural identity based on proven practices which are continually challenged in the light of reality:

• Author's documentaries, mainly addressing social, political and artistic questions and searching for new forms
• Documentary films made in close collaboration with the Brussels associative tissue
• Video workshops: tools for creation and reflection, accessible to all and enabling the participants to create their own film, after a short training in sound and image techniques.

In recent years, the CVB has also embraced the emerging audiovisual forms, especially web documentaries and audiovisual approaches of academic work, with BrusselsStudies in particular.

A pilot project providing an artistic residence for a young producer is also ongoing.

Different styles and approaches are thus mixed together in order to nourish, each in their own way, a permanent reflection on the place and the impact images have in and on our society. Our catalogue of more than 300 films reflects this strong and original editorial identity.

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The videos of the web documentary have been produced by the Centre Vidéo de Bruxelles (CVB).

Director: Jacques BORZYKOWSKI

Producer: Louise LABIB

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